Our Technology

We employ an innovative use of nanopores to determine the structure and sequence of proteins.

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Nanopores can sequence DNA and identify all 20 amino acids. As the molecule is passed through the nano-scale hole, it blocks the flow of ionic current. The changing current can be used to determine the amino acid composition.


Gold nanoparticles will futher examine the protein surface. They can be engineered to have different binding affinities for each amino acid. The binding affinities will be conveyed communicated via a fluorescent signal.

ATP Synthase

Traditional nanopore sequencing has only examined amino acids one at a time is not applicable for a protein. To gain enough information to decompose the data, we plan to rotate the protein using ATP Synthase.


Given the electrical current cross section data nanoparticle binding affinities, we we will synthesize it to break down the 3d protein sequence and structure. We will also use machine learning to identify structural motifs.

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